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Broker DotBig ltd takes a commission for withdrawing money from the account. When withdrawing funds to a card, the commission will be from 0 to 3.5%. DotBig Ltd. offers different ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Traders can use bank cards, fund transfers, payment systems, e-wallets. Going through DotBig reviews on the internet, you will find out that either they are fabricated or negative. As for fake reviews, they recommend this brokerage firm because of its favorable trading conditions and constant customer support.

Always conduct your research before making financial commitments, especially with third-party reviews, presales, and other opportunities. Personal data of traders working in all terminals of the company is carefully encrypted and inaccessible to third parties. The broker does not charge a commission for the replenishment of the deposit. The average commission is about 3.5%, depending on the transfer method and account type. Regardless of its offer, this fraudulent broker represents a huge risk to your investment and you should give a wide berth to its offering.

Capitalize the trading account with electronic methods (credit… Mobile application – a platform with a full set of functions for comfortable trading. Dotbig claims that this measure guarantees the safety of your money if the company is forced to file for bankruptcy. Claims that all the data of their users are encrypted and cannot leak to third parties. This means that a trader needs to make a small deposit to make a large investment.

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Experienced investors use a demo account to practice trading strategies. For a long time I was looking for a platform for investment. Ability to withdraw money through PayPal and to your bank account. The main thing is to take an active part and invest in various companies. Also for active users, it is possible to get forecasts in the stock markets. Traders have access to trading through desktop and mobile versions of the popular MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 terminals.

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The minimum deposit of $100 allows profitable Forex trading even for investors with small initial capital. Investors note that low spreads and increased order processing speed allow the use of a scalping strategy.

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For the most profitable automatic trading, it is recommended to use only proven software. In the case of working with third-party untested Expert Advisors, dotbig cannot guarantee the absence of technical problems and dotbig the safety of investments. Dotbig testimonials are mostly positive and can be found on several online platforms. It should work smoothly and be highly secure.Forex Brokers offer well-known and proven payment methods.

This comparison of forex brokers also includes the comparison table of the tradable securities displayed by both platforms. The section is regularly updated, which confirms the focus of the DotBig broker on long-term cooperation with investors, gradually reaching new heights. Also on the platform, you can access the training center, where there are educational materials that will be useful for beginners. In addition, while working with the platform, you can directly exchange with other traders and develop common strategies. So, if wonder what options you have when get scammed by DotBig and similar con artists, you should know that there is a chance to get your money back. But before moving forward, don’t forget to share your negative experience online.

DotBig positions itself as a constantly evolving international company that provides traders from all over the world with access to online financial markets. DotBig offers us to make money today on what will be relevant tomorrow, becoming part of the investment community. The guys offer simple, profitable and convenient investments online. But something tells us that this cooperation does not bode well and those under review will quickly fall into the black list of fraudulent brokers. Dotbig insures clients’ investments using segregated accounts.

  • Broker DotBig ltd takes a commission for withdrawing money from the account.
  • Possible disadvantages include rare failures in the terminals and spread increase at night.
  • The broker offers an advanced program that improves investment skills.
  • The broker does not charge interest when replenishing a deposit, but there may be a commission of up to 3.5% when withdrawing funds.
  • Also for active users, it is possible to get forecasts in the stock markets.
  • The company has no significant shortcomings, only a small commission when withdrawing funds, depending on the chosen method.

To conduct financial transactions for depositing/withdrawing funds, you can use electronic wallets, online services, bank cards, and transfer through a bank. Dotbig does not set a commission for replenishing a deposit, however, the payment system may have it. When withdrawing funds, up to 3.5% broker commission is charged. dotbig Of the trading commissions, dotbig has a swap when transferring open positions to the next day. To make sure that the trading conditions are convenient and the broker is honest, you can use a demo account. The demo account is also aimed at beginner traders who can learn how to trade without the risk of losing money.

Is DotBig a Scam Broker?

Having studied the terms of cooperation with, we can say that the broker is universal and suitable for trading various assets. The company’s clients can choose suitable trading conditions, taking into account their strategy, trading volume, and the amount of initial investment.

What Do Traders Think Of DotBig?

You must inform the manager about changing the payment method or changing the details. When registering, you must specify your real name and current contacts. You can change your address of residence, link a new card to your account, and change contact details through the manager. To delete your account, you should also contact technical support.

On the site, after registration, users have access to a detailed Knowledge Base on personal finance and investment. You can withdraw money only to the card from which the deposit was replenished.

Sometimes the fluctuations in its value are significant, sometimes it becomes a protective asset, which makes it an ideal tool for investing by active market players. Another high-yield asset on the ForexClub platform is platinum. Leverage can be changed, for each transaction to choose a different one from 1 to 500. If you trade expensive assets, such as stock indices or shares, the adDotBig is felt immediately. In DotBig testimonials, traders often mention that they like the diversity of analyses tools on MetaTrader5 and DotBig Web trading terminals.

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